How People Make Money Online with YouTube

I bet you must have watched a lot of YouTube videos and who dun nowadays. You must have seen a lot of people doing tour reviews, food reviews, funny videos and many many more.

Have you ever wondered why they are doing this? No doubt a portion of them are doing it for passion but a bug portion of them are doing it for money.

In this post, I will share with you how people make money from producing YouTube videos so that you can see if this method of passive income works for you or not.

For me, I have a YouTube channel and I have over a million views on all my videos and I make about $100 to $200 passive income from YouTube ads every month from it.

For those videos with a lot of views, these people can make thousands of dollars from YouTube alone.

So how does the whole system works?

1) YouTube Partner

Being a partner of YouTube, Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content.

Below is my son favorite YouTube channel Ryan Toy Review which consists of videos by a boy reviewing toys and I bet his parents are making a ton of money from him. His YouTube channel has 9.3 millions subscribers and one video has about 7.6 million viewers. His parents can easily rake in 5 figures every month from YouTube.

Therefore the more videos you have, the more money you will make.

2) Sponsored Video

For the video that I showed you above, the boy can do sponsored review videos for toy manufacturers. They will pay him certain amt of money to do a review for their toys.

I have read in a magazine of a blogger whose website has a lot of readers and one sponsor post cost about $5,000 to $10,000.

If you have a way to produce tons of videos, then you can opt for this passive income stream.