Is it Really That Easy To Make Money Online With a Website?

From the past few years onward, there are more and more advertisement on newspaper and online website advertising about seminars that teach people how to make money online by creating an affiliate website.

These seminar costs $3,000+ dollars to attend and 99% of those attendees never made a single cent online.

Personally I have went for a course by an internet guru that cost me $3,500 to attend and what I learn from the 3 days course is exactly what I learn from a $47 online course that I have purchased before.

Therefore I will like to warn all of you out there that these seminars are simply repackage of old stuff online and therefore you should avoid going to any.

After running an online blog for 9 years, I realize what most advertisement or those so called guru never tell us is that we have to spend money to make money. They often tell us that there are ways to generate free traffic but trust me, you need to do a lot of work to get a small amt of traffic.

Those guru themselves are not using that method because they know how hard it is and that is why 99% of the people who learn how to make money online never made a single cent.

Secondly, those guru often says that you can make money simply by creating an affiliate website and promote those affiliate products. You do not need to have any knowledge about the product you are promoting.

Let me ask you this question. Will you buy something simply by reading a blog post? You will definitely send an email to the blog owner to ask him/her more about the products before you commit as a lot of people have came ard lousy products online.

If you know nothing about the topic you talk about, how are you going to answer the question and from your answer, they know that you know nothing about the product and therefore will not buy from you.

The only way you can make money from website is to setup a website that talks about what you know and what you love.

Personally, I am making a decent 5 figures income every month online which allows me to live a luxury lifestyle but if you ask me if it is really that easy, I will say NO.

It become easy to me now as I can invest my income to buy advertisement to get more traffic to my website.

For you who do not have any income, it is very hard to have any traffic to your website and it is also very hard for you to make any money online.

I am not trying to discourage you but I am here to state the fact so that you can decide for yourself if this is for you.