Mad Passive Income Report For The Month of August 2017

Source #1 : CPA Business Passive Income For August 2017

I am a people who is mad about passion income and I have started searching for passive income stream since I graduated from University in 2005. After years of trial and error, finally I have created 2 consistent streams of passive income for myself which allows me to drive a $2xx,xxx luxury car and stay in a million dollar apartment plus provide my family with a comfortable lifestyle.

In this journey, I was scammed several times and have spent near to 5 figures on various courses that leads me to nothing. In the end, I decided to do it my way and eventually established 2 passion income streams giving me a consistent 5 figures income every month.

I am in the midst of creating another stream of income from ecommerce and I will definitely document it down in this blog for you guys.

I have tried tons of CPA products but each of them only managed to make me a few hundred dollars every month. It was until I started to promote this CPA product that I am still doing now that I started to make consistent 5 figures income every month.

Of course, I did not achieve that within a month.

I started it on January and by February, I started to get $800 to $1,000 commission from it. 6 months later, I hit $8,000 and eventually hit my 5 figures income on the 10th month in the program.

The product is very good and the best of all, I do not need to do any selling myself. There have a professional team of mentor that will do it for us. All I need is to send people who are interested in the product and the sales will be done by them which is something very important for people like me who do not like to do the sales talk.

That is why I will strongly recommend those of you who want to generate a passion income and yet do not like to do the sales talk to promote this CPA product.

For the month of August 2017, I made $18,000 USD with this CPA product and best of all, I do not need to do any sales myself. I just need to send traffic there and they will convert for me. This is much better than affiliate product.

Source #2 : Forex Passive Income For August 2017

I have been trading forex since 2008 and this is another source of passive income for me as well. I can simply trade anywhere I want even when I am in vacation as long as I have a laptop and an internet connection.

Similarly, my trading income has also hit consistent 5 figures every month as well.

Below is the report of my trading for the month of August 2017.

All these income are generated simply for working 1 hour every day at home. What can be better than this.