My $51,000 Europe Shopping Spree

Today I will be posting my shopping spree in London and Paris last month

I estimated that my trip spent around $40,000 but upon receiving my credit card bills, I actually spent $51,000+ on shopping alone and the entire trip is actually near to $65,000 and I am glad that all these are paid for by my online income.

What I have spent in the trip is much more than ave person annual salary.

Therefore for those of you who are still stuck in the rat race, my advice for you is to look for other opportunity while you are young as there is no job security nowadays.

Below is a picture of the shoes and clothing we bought during the trip. I simply love my christian louboutin and Zanotti shoes as they are beautiful.

Below is a picture of my wife Hermes collection which costs me $28,000 in total. Luckily we got the Hermes Birkin bag as well from the trip as she really love it

Going to Europe for a shopping spree is a dream that me and my wife have been thinking of and finally we have done it. I am really glad that I took the step to quit my day job and eventually found this online business that allows me to make consistent 5 figures income every month and best of all, I can still work from home giving me the Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Money Freedom that anyone can dream of.

I have readers constantly asking me to share with them the online business that I am doing, I will advice all of you to learn the 21 steps system that propel me to where I am today.