My Gucci Glittering Shoe

I will be posting reviews of shoes and other things that I have purchased so that it can help some of you who are also looking to buy the shoes to make a better decision.

I have actually bought 2 pairs of this glittering Gucci shoes so that my wife can wear it alongside me

With good lighting, the shoes glitter like diamond and this is why I decided to get this pair of shoes the moment I saw it.


The quality of the show is good as the glitter area will not fade which is something very important for me.


I must say that the sole is not that fantastic but it is wearable for a day of shopping as I do wear them to go shopping at times.

However it is not as comfortable as Skechers if you want to have a comparison.

As a whole, if you are looking for comfort, then this is not the shoe for you but if you are looking for a shoe that grabs attention, then this is definitely one of them.