New Passive Income Source Day 1 Experiment

I am already a 5 figures income earner every month online but this is done via one source of online income which is blogging.

However I am going to start another income stream in 2018 and therefore I will like to document it down in this blog to share with you how I built this new business from scratch so that you can also do so for 2018

This new income source is a high ticket affiliate program which is one of the main reason why I join this business. Another thing that entice me is the “Everything done for you” system as they have tool up a ton of different websites for you to promote plus all the different email swipe as well.

In addition, this business provides the phone sales team that will close the deal for us and we will make the commission without any selling on our part.

The key here is to bring traffic to the websites and that is it. Everything else will be done by them.

Day 1 of the Experiment

I am using one of the provided capture page that is provided by the program and I will be doing facebook ads and solo ads to bring traffic to it.

The problem with solo ads is that there are a lot of lousy providers out there and we do not know who to trust and who not to trust.

This is also why I setup this experiment here to do the test for you guys first so that it can increase your success rate and cut down on your expenses.

First solo ads provider – I spend 300 Unique Clicks For $94.50

It got me 74 opt-in out of the 300 clicks I purchased which is a 25% opt-in rate. However there is no sales from the clicks. But I will continue to promote to them via the emails since they have opt it.

Second solo ads provider – I spend 300 Unique Clicks for $135

Third solo ads provider – This is a premium solo ads which I have purchased and it cost me $741 for 500 clicks. The solo ads is scheduled to be sent out on the 12th Feb and I will update you guys the outcome.

It got me 122 opt-in out of the 300 clicks I purchased which is a 40% opt-in rate. Again there is no sales from it.

Facebook Ads 1 – $29.44
Facebook Ads 2 – $18.70
Facebook Ads 3 – $10.82
Facebook Ads 4 – $12.44
Facebook Ads 5 – $8.07
Facebook Ads 6 – $15.61
Facebook Ads 7 – $29.26
Facebook Ads 8 – $4.65

As of 2nd Feb 2017, I have spent

$128.99 SGD on Facebook Ads

$970.50 USD on Solo Ads

Total Spending – $1,390.64 SGD ($1,069 USD)

So far, I did not get a single sales so far but we cannot says that the traffic is not good as it could be the offer or sales page is not suitable. Therefore I will continue to send these leads other offer to see if it convert.

I will continue to update your guys tomorrow.